Our Purpose

Our purpose at Every Ray of Light is to do our part in preparing a people to stand true to God. Physically we will be in active ministry in India, but with modern technology we pray our ministry can have an impact across the world.We will be doing this by following and teaching the counsels God has given us through His Word and the Spirit of Prophecy. The Lord has impressed on us the need to help families realize the importance of the Adventist Home and how there lays the foundational blueprint tool used for developing character and preparing a people to stand. Along with that we see a great need in having Schools of the Prophets to educate God’s people to know who we are, our God giving work for this time, and how to understand the workings of the enemy, and produce men and women who will stand firm for Christ though the heavens fall. We will be hand in hand with the right arm of the Gospel (medical missionary work) for we know in the future that will be the only work we can do to save souls. And last but not least we will be engaged in the publishing work by distributing tracts in different Indian languages, but in specific distributing The Great Controversy in as many hands as we can, as we have been counseled to do. Please pray for our ministry as we endeavor on our high calling from the Lord.